5 Day Workshop - Zero to Implementation Ready

Takes a team from zero to implementation readiness in 5 days:
Agile Root Cause Analysis, with Orthogonal Defect Classification (ODC)

Participants Said

“Pin-points what's missing in our development process and QA”
“Impact analysis is very insightful. I hadn't got a chance to understand this before”
“Concept of Triggers and its usage strengthened - especially the secondary triggers”
“I got more insight on how, or what my thought process should be while doing reviews”
“Can bring about behavioral changes leading to elimination of defects early in the cycle”


For more informaticon and scheduling, contact us:   info @ chillarege.com


ODC Concepts
Intrisinc vs. Extrinsic
Type: Dev measurement
Triggger: Test measurement
Head, Hand and Foot Triggers
Functional vs Non-Functional
Multi-dimensional analysis
Version 5.30 ODC
C method of Classification
Less than 4 minutes per defect
Cause – Effect Relationships
ODC Case Studies
ODC Applications
ODC Root Cause Analysis
ODC Test Effectiveness
Structured Feedback
Manage Containment Levels
Quantify Prevention Opportunities
ODC Class Pilot
ODC Class Pilot Analysis
Planning ODC Rollout
In-process vs. Post-process
Deployment Modules
Training Options
Why ODC?

Followup sessions are conducted remotely providing flexibility in scheduling. Class pilot are coaching sessions to build speed and accuracy in ODC. Analysis provides discussions of class pilot results.



  Delivery: Instructor led, on site.
Class Size: ~24 max
Prerequisite: None
Pre Planning: Class pilot data
Contact Hours: ~30
Availability: NA, EU, Japan, India, China
Language: en. For zh, ja seq.
translation by client +10 hours
Pricing: Contact office.

Download PDF Brochure: ODC-workshop-5-day.pdf