TISQA Ralegh, NC


Orthogonal Defect Classification (ODC) Overview

September 18, 2012 · 6:00 PM Matrix Resources

TISQA is excited to host Ram Chillarege to present an overview of Orthogonal Defect Classification (ODC).

Ram is president of Chillarege Inc, a consulting firm focused on Software Engineering Optimization using ODC. He received the IEEE technical achievement award for the invention of ODC in 2004. At IBM he founded and headed the Center for Software Engineering for almost a decade, and helped conceive and lead the corporate wide Testing and Process initiatives in the 90's. Ram is chair of the IEEE Steering committee for Software Reliability, has ~50 peer reviewed articles and is an IEEE fellow.

ODC is a measurement system for Software Engineering. ODC extracts specific semantics from the change control logs to turn them into a powerful measurement system on the software development process. Analytics used on these data create insight and visualization for the engineering team, akin to medical imaging methods for doctors. Every time a cell phone call is placed a few of the networks that carry the call were ODC managed to improve their software dependability. When one sees a truck barreling down the high way, several of the diesel engine controllers that power the truck had ODC help manage its software engineering process. Health care devices such as pacemakers have used ODC to improve their software safety and quality. ODC is used by companies that are typically aware of software engineering best practices and are trying to reach a higher level. The higher level maybe driven by cost considerations, quality considerations, or for pure competitive advantage. While ODC is not tied to the SEI/CMMi maturity scale, the SEI does recommend it as a best practice for higher maturities. This talk will: Provide an overview of ODC Illustrate applications using case studies Position ODC relative to CMMI, Six Sigma, Static Analysis, Inspections, Testing, Agile, etc. Discuss a few issues on deployment, ROI and business