Orthogonal Defect Classification Training - ODC

Why Training?

Most experienced managers will tell us that training is the key. Consistent training which ensures that our teams speak a common language and work off a core set of principles. Training which is applicable to their jobs, and can yield returns in days and weeks.

We do this, and more.

Development, Test, Systems Engineering, Product Management and Requirements have different needs and responsibility. And each takes from our ODC training what they need to perform their job better. And yet, see a common thread in ODC concepts, and share data in a meaningful way to affect the whole. Our training programs cater to these needs and feed directly into the projects at hand.

"Chillarege ODC Training brings you the best and most complete training from the inventor of ODC"


ODC Engineer Training

covers all the technical material associated with ODC classification and understanding of ODC data.

ODC Management Training

covers those aspects of ODC that help management understand the outputs of ODC analysis and how they need use it in their daily lives.

ODC Analyst and Deployment Training

helps develop the skills to feedback ODC and create a support structure to deploy ODC successfully in the organization.

Contact us to help understand how we can structure a training program for your needs.