ODC Tutorial at IEEE International Symposium on Software Reliability Engineering 2013, Pasadena CA


  • ODC Concepts
  • ODC Classification and Information Extraction

  • How to gain 10x in Software Root Cause Analysis

  • How to tune up the Test Process using ODC
  • In-process Measurement and Prediction with ODC
  • Case Studies of ODC based Process Diagnosis
  • What is required to support ODC?
  • How does one plan an ODC Rollout ?

Target Audience:

This tutorial is for the practicing engineer and manager in software engineering. One must have a reasonable experience with the software development lifecycle, process improvement methods, tools, and practices. Knowledge of CMMi and Six Sigma are useful but not necessary. Typical roles are: Software engineering project leads, first and second line managers, those with delivery responsibility, QA responsibility, architects, program management, and service management. The SEPG department as a whole would also be interested.