ODC Starter Pilot

A mini deep-dive, to illustrate ODC application on client data using a client team that has just completed the ODC Workshop.


  1. Rapid turn around: 45 days from start to finish of project

  2. Application of trained client skills to a business problem

  3. Customized design of a retrospective pilot

  4. Working through first implementation issues on data

  5. Coaching of team through classification ~ 250 defects.

  6. Analysis and interpretation of client pilot data

  7. Recommendations – from an industry expert

  8. Proof of concept of ODC application in client's space

  9. ROI: The workshop+starter pilot, usually pay for themselves

  10. Confidence: Clients ODC initiative is off to a great start

The execution model of the Starter Pilot mostly follows the Deep Dive. Therefore, we include details on Deep Dive in the following section. However, do note that the scope of the engagement is less than that of a typical Deep Dive.