ODC Deep Dive

One of the most effective ways to introduce ODC to an organization is by means of a Deep Dive project. This provides direct value to the organization in terms of process assessment and recommendations. These studies also create a base line for use in future deployments. A few of the general benefits, beyond the technical value delivered are:

  • Conducted in retrospective mode, thereby does not impact current development

  • Can be executed by training a small technical team as opposed to a broader initiative with greater process dependencies

  • No tools impact

  • Opportunity to study current organizational practices, which can be factored into a roll-out or deployment program that may follow.

  • Allows for limited customization if it is necessary

  • Focused on business value

  • Project scoping and design done in partnership with client

  • Analysis completely performed by consultant

  • Results presented to technical team and management team

  • Technical report becomes a communication vehicle within the company