About Us

Chillarege Inc. is a specialty Software Engineering consulting firm. We bring you some of the finest technology and experience in software engineering management.

  • Optimize your software engineering process
  • Reduce development cost and increase speed
  • Train, coach and support the implementation of ODC Technology
  • Ratchet customer satisfaction
  • Precisely diagnose the software development process for optimal control


Our tag line is "optimize software engineering". ODC is one of our methods (invented by the founder, Ram Chillarege). We can precisely identify what needs to be adjusted in the software development life-cycle so that we can begin to move the needle on customer satisfaction and development cost/productivity. This way, we avoid costly experiments and help drive profitability. We certainly save you time and money, but more importantly we affect the top line - through higher customer satisfaction and increased sales. At Chillarege you will find access to best in class methods. We have an Research program and are widely published. We are experts at what we do. And when we need experts in what we do not do, we will bring them to you through our professional network - and ensure you get accomplished what is needed for your business. Founder: Ram Chillarege
Email: Please use the Contact Tab, or email us at info (a) chillarege dot com